Comprehensive Microscopy

Eurofins offer comprehensive microscopy analysis as part of our services. 

A comprehensive analysis includes, but is not limited to reporting on the levels of the following from both surface and air samples:

  • Pollens
  • Skin cells (animal and human)
  • Fibres (synthetic and natural)
  • Hyphae (active and dormant)
  • Grains/granules (e.g. starches)
  • Dirt and debris levels
  • Gypsum dust and silica
  • Insect parts including eggs and larvae
  • Myxomycetes, smuts and rusts
  • Chemical and oil droplets
  • Timber fragments
  • Soot and char content

To order comprehensive microscopy, simply clearly indicate so on the Chain of Custody sent in with samples, with analysis requested being BTCM or AOCCM.