Bio-Tape Sampling Procedure

Author: Zefon   Date Posted:9 August 2015 

Bio Tape Sampling Procedure

1. Remove the slide from the provided slide mailer.

2. Document the sample location on the slide, label and complete any required documentation for the laboratory.

3. Peel off protective liner from slide to expose adhesive and dispose of it - do not replace it after sampling.

4. Place slide with the adhesive side down on the surface to be sampled.

(Use the centering line to orient the adhesive over the exact sample location desired)

5. Gently press down to ensure contact is made. Do not press down hard. The adhesive is very tacky and only needs to be pressed gently.

6. Carefully remove slide from the surface and place back into slide mailer.

7. Send slide to Eurofins for analysis.

Note: Multiple samples should be collected from both suspect and non-suspect (control) areas for comparison.



This is a great video that gives an overview of the way to use a Bio-Tape