Bulk Samples Procedure

Bulks are very useful to find and identify bacteria and fungi to the genus level. The material can also be used for culture of viable fungi.

Bulk samples can be processed various ways, either by microscopy using Bio-Tapes, by swabbing suspect areas at the laboratory (performed by our scientists) or by diluent culturing for viable bacteria and fungi.

  • Bulk samples generally are building materials but other materials such as earth, mulch or compost can be analysed. These can be the paper part of gypsum board, insulation, wood, leather, carpet, carpet backing.
  • Materials should be small in size (suggested less than 6 cm x 6 cm)
  • Materials should be placed inside a clear plastic Ziplock bag (any size) and sealed.
  • Mark the bag and the Chain of Custody form, including the type of analysis preferred (microscopy or culture)
  • Keep the material in a cool dry place out of the sunlight until delivered to the laboratory.


Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody Form (68 KB)